Leicht + Müller is right for you. Every industry has its own challenges, such as high demands on quality, efficiency, logistics or technology. Leicht + Müller is a well-respected partner for numerous companies of various industries because of outstanding product- and process quality. Despite the automotive focus, other industries profit from the proven expertise in that field and our experience with demanding processes.

Automotive Elektronik Informationstechnologie Personalcare Healthcare Haustechnik Telekommunikation


The requirements of the automotive industry are among the strictest and most consistent and special certifications are prerequisite to any cooperation. Leicht + Müller masters these challenges successfully. Countless contacts for automotive electrics and level sensors for almost all level measuring in German and international cars prove that.

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Contacts on PCB, spring contacts or plug connectors are essential for electronics, mechanical engineering and building technology. Leicht + Müller supplies indispensable stamped parts for measurement and control technology, switchboards, electrical outlets and switches.

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Information Technology

Information technology is one of the global markets of the future. To keep the world connected, Leicht + Müller stamped parts work as reliable contacts for cell phones, computers, networks and bus-systems.

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Personal Care

Personal grooming is increasingly important to large numbers of people. That growing market profits from the kind of precise components Leicht + Müller can supply. For example a market leader’s razor blades are manufactured on a customized production line, producing an impressive 1000 blades per minute. Components of electrical shaving technology are also produced with our precision tooling.

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Medical Technology

When it comes to health, products must be unconditionally reliable. Here as well our stamping tools deliver prime quality in an efficient production, for example producing bottle caps for laboratories.

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