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A one-stop supplier – up to most complex products

It all started with tool making. That is the foundation for the technical expertise and the success of all products at Leicht + Müller. Cutting-edge production equipment produces high performance stamping tools, stamped parts and hybrid assemblies of top quality according to customer specifications.

We offer a variety of production technologies such as laser-, resistance- and ultrasonic welding for nearly all levels of complexity. Ranging from two-part contacts to complete fluid level sensors (almost) everything is possible. Every customer profits from the advantages of a one-stop supplier: thinking ahead, planning ahead and quick decision-making for cost-efficient, high quality products such as the smallest stamped parts, multi-part stamped contacts or complete hybrid plastics-metal assemblies including resistors and capacitors.

Stamping tools – well combined, perfectly integrated

Leicht+Müller’s extensive stamping expertise is rooted in tool making. Today it is a source of inspiration, the basis of our quality standards and one strong pillar of our product range. An uncompromisingly high standard in all components throughout the entire vertical range of manufacturing formed the “L+M Modular System” which is decisive for our success.

Stamped parts – precision meets speed

Since 1985 stamped parts are part of Leicht + Müllers core business. Based on many years of experience and highly developed, precise tooling, we offer a wide range of possibilities, from easier to complex, as well as single to multi-part products.

First class equipment such as BRUDERER stamping machines, a comprehensive set of sub-equipment, excellent tools and a highly qualified team enable us to achieve results that match the highest standards. That is also ensured by our ISO/TS 16949 certified QM-System.

Perfect team play for innovative assemblies

Stamping, overmolding, assembly, testing – all from a one-stop supplier. Production of hybrid assemblies and components at one location is a decisive move to gain efficiency and quality. L+M Stanztechnik and L+M Syscotec as experts for hybrid assemblies complement one another ideally: We optimize stamped parts for plastics.