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Stamped parts – precision meets speed

Since 1985 stamped parts are part of Leicht + Müllers core business. Based on many years of experience and highly developed, precise tooling, we offer a wide range of possibilities, from easier to complex, as well as single to multi-part products.

First class equipment such as BRUDERER stamping machines, a comprehensive set of sub-equipment, excellent tools and a highly qualified team enable us to achieve results that match the highest standards. That is also ensured by our ISO/TS 16949 certified QM-System.



Effective, fast and precise – around the clock, up to six days a week, 10 stamping machines of 25 to 80 ton press force produce millions of stamped parts. We can handle strip-thickness in the 0.05 to 1.2 mm range.

Depending on the requirements, we apply different technologies in our production of stamped parts. That includes cut-around, feeding and assembly, laser technology, single-stage production with 2 strips simultaneously and fully-automated stamping lines. We can offer decisive advantages to our customers through improving established standards and combining them with our own innovations or those of our partners.

Single-part contacts

Efficiency is what matters, combined with precision and high volumes. These factors are crucial for the successful production of single-part contacts. Each year Leicht + Müller manufactures hundreds of millions of stamped contacts. With delivery lots starting at 500,000 pieces, we can make anything possible.

Multi-part contacts

Leicht + Müller multi-part contacts are a decisive competitive move. Whether using single-stage or two-stage production, special feeds for feeding and assembly, integrated laser technology or fully automated processes, we find creative and efficient solutions.