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Stamping tools – well combined, perfectly integrated

Leicht+Müller’s extensive stamping expertise is rooted in tool making. Today it is a source of inspiration, the basis of our quality standards and one strong pillar of our product range. An uncompromisingly high standard in all components throughout the entire vertical range of manufacturing formed the “L+M Modular System” which is decisive for our success.


Perfect strategy – the L+M Modular System

Based on decades of experience Leicht+Müller has developed comprehensive expertise in stamping technology and thus its L+M Modular System, increasing performance in serial production. That unique system combines the known principles of modular design with our own innovative ideas.
We continuously develop and improve the L+M System.

Stamping Tools

Flexibility with Quality

With the “L+M Modular System” adapted to individual requirements and specific needs, we can customize designs up to premium class. The flexible structure provides process reliability at each step: from design to machining, assembly and testing, to production validation. It can be adapted to fit in productions steps such as laser-welding, camera-monitoring, cleaning or component-feeding. The resulting solutions offer comfortable handling, long service-life and performance at high speeds.

Premium tool, single module-row,
1 strip

Single module-row, assembly of a component by mechanical L+M feeder from the rear, 500 spm, 2 parts per stroke, stamped in bulk.

Premium tool, single module-row,
2 strips

Single-row module, 2 parallel strips, laser welding, 800 spm, 4 parts stamped, parts on coil.

Premium tool, 2 module-rows, 1 strip each

2 module-rows, 2 strips, in-die-camera, 400 spm, 2 parts per stroke, stamped in bulk.

2 module-rows, 2 strips, in-die-camera, 400 spm, 2 parts per stroke, stamped in bulk.


Stamping, cleaning, feeding, laser-welding, in-die-camera, sorting of bad parts, 500 spm, 2 parts per stroke.

Premium tool with rivet wire feed

2 rivets are formed from silver wire threaded into the tool. Wire feed via 2 L+M special feeds, 500 spm, 1 part per stroke with 2 rivets, parts on coil.