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Stamped Parts

Precision Meets Speed

Since 1985 stamped parts are part of Leicht + Müllers core business. Based on many years of experience and highly developed, precise tooling, we offer a wide range of possibilities, from easier to complex, as well as single to multi-part products.


Leicht + Müller only uses high end equipment: From BRUDERER stamping machines and a comprehensive set of sub-equipment to excellent tools. Manufacturing facilities operated by a top qualified team ensure products and services that meet the uncompromising standards as defined by our IATF 16949:2016 certified Quality-Management-System.

Effective, fast and precise

Around the clock, up to six days a week, 10 stamping machines of 25 to 80 ton press force produce millions of stamped parts. We can handle strip-thickness in the 0.05 to 1.5 mm range.

Depending on the requirements, we apply different technologies in our production of stamped parts. That includes cut-around, feeding and assembly, laser technology, single-stage production with 2 strips simultaneously and fully-automated stamping lines. We can offer decisive advantages to our customers through improving established standards and combining them with our own innovations or those of our partners.

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Efficiency Is What Matters

Single-part contacts

Press Fit Contacts, Blade Terminals, Rolled Contacts, Lead Frames, Crimp Contacts...

Single-part contacts
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A Decisive Competitive Move

Multi-Part Contacts

2- or 3-Part Pin Connectors, Rolled Contact
with Clip, Pole Contact with Clamping Spring,
Clamping Spring Contact

Multi-Part Contacts



We meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s increasingly dynamic markets. Aiming for the best options, we build on established standards and combine them with the innovations of our strong partners. Profit from that strategy and discover new perspectives.

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