Leicht + Müller offers its customers strategic competitive advantages through innovation and expertise. We meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s increasingly dynamic markets. Aiming for the best options, we build on established standards and combine them with the innovations of our strong partners. Profit from that strategy and discover new perspectives.



Cutting Edge

Cut-around technology
symmetrical cross-section cutting both sides, production of pin-contacts with flexible press-fit zone (needle eye).

Feeding and assembly
wires, rivets or lathed parts form combined stamping products.

In-die camera
monitoring camera inside the tool, enables sorting of bad parts for production in bulk.

Laser technology
integrated in the stamping tool it connects components.

Single-stage production
combines several steps in only one single stamping-run to produce multi-part contacts.

Fully automated stamping lines
maximum efficiency achieved through robot-handling, feeding-systems, machine vision, measuring-robots, blister-packaging and stacking in magazines.

High quality

Components for HIGH Q with IQ


Products that can do more, processes that are more stable – all that requires to start with seeing and understanding. Leicht + Müller analyzes tasks and options and uses or develops the ideal technical set-up for success. Everything is modular and part of an elaborate system. That concept includes technology and a qualified, motivated workforce.



for Performance

Leicht + Müller offers highest precision throughout the entire vertical range of production which results in measurably better products.

  • Sophisticated tooling technology optimizes serial production.
  • Careful adjusting of the tools and testing on BRUDERER stamping machines ensure top quality.
  • Certified quality- and environmental management offers security and trust to the customers.


Technologien Automation


Forward-Looking Movement

Leicht + Müller pushes automation levels to fulfill customer-specific requirements more precisely and more economically. What remains are our passion for perfection in craftsmanship and our well skilled specialists as leaders and thinkers. We automatically consider:

  • Integration of different production processes into a single complex system: stamping, bending, assembly, welding, molding, testing and packaging.
  • Handling- and robot technology for precise positioning of electronical and mechanical components.
  • Automated cutting-to-size, feeding and assembly of components in metal-plastics-assemblies, made possible by our own automation experts.



Measurement Technology


Our passion for precision and efficiency includes an uncompromising quality assurance according to established standards and with proven technology, measuring up to strict requirements.

• 100% testing and documentation of all quality-parameters.
• The fully automated DCR-testing technology for reed switches and resistors is integrated into the process.
• Dynamic measurements allow for timely detection of defects and improvement of processes.
• Traceability of all components due to laser date codes on each OK part.
• Customer-specific measurement technology developed with our experienced partners.

Technologien Schweisstechnik

Welding Technology

No Hot-Button Issue for us

When it comes to welding technology our comprehensive know-how leaves nothing to be desired.

  • Integrated ultrasonic- and resistance welding in a fully automated production line.
  • Joining of chemically and physically different materials.
  • Use of modern measurement and control technology.
  • Process reliability through 100% monitoring of welding parameters.